MonaLisa Touch® Laser Therapy

As estrogen levels decline, half of all postmenopausal women may experience changes in their gynecologic health that interfere with their personal lives. Women who have survived breast or uterine cancer often go through such changes, as well.

Melissa Huggins, MD, and Danielle Staecker, MD, now offer MonaLisa Touch laser therapy to women in the Kansas City region. It’s an effective, drug-free, outpatient treatment available at our Quivira Specialty Clinic in Overland Park.

The treatment requires no anesthesia, typically taking 3 procedures of 5 minutes each over 18 weeks. The therapy is designed to improve symptoms, often after just one treatment. And more than 84% of women report significant, lasting improvement.

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Who can benefit?

In addition to women with lower estrogen levels or estrogen sensitivity, this procedure can treat women who are experiencing the following conditions or symptoms:
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    Read how this treatment differs from vaginal rejuvenation.
    • Painful sexual intercourse (dyspareunia)
    • Vaginal irritation or burning sensation
    • Vaginal dryness and itchiness
    • Vaginal atrophy
    • Vaginal laxity
    • Mild vaginal prolapse
    • General vaginal pain
    • Mild urinary incontinence
    • Frequent urinary tract infections
    How does MonaLisa laser therapy work?

    The procedure takes place in your doctor’s office and is similar to your annual exam. MonaLisa Touch uses laser energy to the vaginal wall to generate new collagen, elastin and vascularization. It essentially kills scar cells and creates new growth within the tissue.

    Benefits of this procedure include:
    • No anesthesia
    • No downtime
    • Alternative to estrogen therapies
    • More than 84% of women report significant improvement
    A once-a-year single treatment is generally recommended to maintain relief, but your doctor will determine if it’s necessary.

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