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Facial Plastic Surgery Procedures

Facial plastic surgery includes several possible procedures to help you enjoy a more youthful look. Surgeries can be combined or performed separately, depending on your goals. In some cases, facial plastic surgery can be combined with nonsurgical facial rejuvenation to maintain or enhance results.

Most people who are generally healthy and have realistic expectations can be good candidates for facial plastic surgery. During your free consultation, our surgeons will discuss your aesthetic goals and treatment options, including minimally invasive office procedures that smooth and tighten the skin.

Our double board-certified facial plastic surgeons in Kansas City use world-class techniques – from nonsurgical facial rejuvenation to advanced surgical procedures. As a result, they produce beautiful outcomes that won’t give away the fact that you’ve had cosmetic surgery.

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Facial plastic surgery types

Before and after photos of Rhinoplasty | Kansas City & Olathe

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Seeing is believing. View our gallery of natural-looking results. Whether you want subtle enhancements or a more dramatic change, we're here to help you achieve the look you want.
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Benefits and risks of facial plastic surgery

The goal of plastic surgery is to help you look like a naturally refreshed version of yourself by minimizing the most visible signs of aging. Feeling great about your new appearance can increase your confidence and self-esteem.

The risks of facial plastic surgery are similar to other types of surgery. Your surgeon will go over the benefits and risks of your specific procedure during your consultation.

To schedule a free consultation, email or call 913-588-6701.

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