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Breast Surgery Resources

National Breast Cancer Coalition

This is the website of the National Breast Cancer Coalition. This advocacy group seeks to influence public policies surrounding breast cancer research, diagnosis, and treatment. It takes stands on controversial issues.

Breast Cancer Trials

This website is designed to help patients easily find a breast cancer clinical trial. Patients can enter their health history and learn about trials that match their history.

Alternatively, by going to the Quick Views section patients can browse trials by selecting a specific category. This feature may be particularly helpful for triple negative and inflammatory breast cancer patients since there is a subcategory for each of these types. This website includes all trials listed in and as well as some additional trials. It can also provide email alerts when new trials fit your profile.

Are Your Breasts Dense?

This website provides information about dense breast tissue and how it can affect a mammogram's ability to detect breast cancer. Also provides information on legislation requiring health care providers to inform patients when they have dense breasts.

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