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Endoscopic Technique

Our team performs advanced surgical techniques, like endoscopic procedures, for patients to correct a variety of conditions.

Minimally invasive surgery allows for a shorter surgery time and often promotes a faster recovery.

Is the endoscopic technique right for me?

The endoscopic technique can be applied to various surgical procedures. Unlike traditional surgeries, the endoscopic technique requires fewer and smaller incisions, utilizing a special camera to view tissues and bone under the skin. This can result in a shorter surgery time, as well as a reduced recovery time from some surgeries. The technique may often be used when performing a brow lift, for example, allowing the surgeon to create a more individualized approach and natural result.

How is the endoscopic technique performed?

When your surgeon begins a procedure using the endoscopic technique, several small incisions will be made in the surgery site. Through these incisions, your surgeon will both be able to see underlying tissues, muscle and bone, as well as work with them to best achieve the desired surgical result. After the procedure has been completed, your surgeon will close the incisions with stitches or clips.

What are the recovery steps after undergoing an endoscopic procedure?

For many endoscopic procedures, signs of the surgery should dissipate within a few weeks. A soft dressing will be applied to the surgical site and you may have to wait up to a week to return to your regular routine. Following any surgical procedure, some swelling, nausea and discomfort may occur. Your surgeon may prescribe pain medication. After several days, the sutures used to close the incisions will be removed.

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