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Eyebrow Enhancement

For women who draw on their eyebrows, eyebrow tattoos may offer the perfect time-saving solution.

From thinning eyebrows to simply tired of drawing them in, eyebrow enhancement – a form of eyebrow tattooing – offers the perfect remedy.

Eyebrow tattooing has many different names around the world: eye embroidery, feathering and the Japanese hand method. Here at The University of Kansas Health System, we refer to this procedure as eyebrow enhancement.

Eyebrow enhancement is done with an electric pen with a sterile fine blade made up of 10-16 tiny needles. Pigment is implanted in the first layer of skin by creating very intricate hairline strokes to form a more natural-looking eyebrow.

We offer 2 types of eyebrow enhancement treatments:

  • Hair stroke
  • Powder filled

The hair stroke effect brow technique offers a more natural-looking brow blended to compliment your hair color and skin tone. This treatment is best for people who have experienced hair loss.

Powder filled brow technique provides a defined shape and more of a blocked-in appearance for your eyebrows. With this technique, the needle goes deeper into the skin with the use of small dots of pigment which allows the treatment to last longer than a hair stroke technique. This treatment is best for people who want a more "made-up" look.

A positive aspect of eyebrow enhancement procedures is that it’s semipermanent, whereas traditional eyebrow tattoos are permanent. Eyebrow enhancement provides more flexibility down the road.

Your eyebrows will appear darker during the healing period and fade in the first couple weeks. After the initial procedure, you will return in 4-6 weeks for a touch-up. A color touch-up is recommended within 12-18 months, depending on sun exposure and chemicals used on the face.

Eyebrow enhancement appointments are available at our Sutherland Institute location in Kansas.

We offer a variety of appointment types. Learn more or call 913-588-1227 to schedule now.