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Facial Implants

If you feel that parts of your face are out of proportion, you may elect to undergo a facial implant procedure with our health system plastic surgery team in Overland Park. To improve the aesthetic balance of certain facial characteristics, your plastic surgeon may recommend a facial implant for the projection of the:

  • Chin
  • Cheeks
  • Lips
  • Jaw

Would facial implants be right for me?

If you feel your face is out of proportion, facial implants may be an ideal option for you to correct the issue. You may be a good candidate for the procedure if you have inadequate bone structure, hollow-looking cheeks or a flat and wrinkled mid-face, which can occur after weight loss. If you choose to undergo a facial implant procedure, you should have realistic expectations of the outcome and be able to understand the risks and benefits of a surgical procedure.

How is facial implant surgery performed?

Cheek implant procedures take about 45 minutes to perform and are usually done under a local anesthetic. Your surgeon will make an incision either inside the upper lip or in your lower eyelid. Your plastic surgeon will create a pocket for the implant in the cheek, insert it and fasten it with screws or sutures.

A possible alternative to cheek implants is a dermal filler which can be injected to add volume to the mid-face.

Jaw implants are usually made of a polyester compound and may be lateral or vertical, depending on your needs. Your plastic surgeon will make an incision either inside or outside your mouth. Once a pocket has been created for the implant, the implant will be placed on the bone and secured with screws, wires or sutures.

Learn more information about chin implants.

What can I expect from recovery after a facial implant procedure?

The effects of your new facial implants will be immediately visible, but you may see some extra swelling. If your plastic surgeon made incisions inside your mouth, good oral hygiene is important to avoid infection. You will likely need to stick to a soft diet and keep your head elevated. Some possible complications may include infection, nerve injury or implant malposition/mobility.

If you feel a facial implant might be right for you, we encourage you to contact the plastic surgery team.

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