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Perforator Vein Ablation


Perforator veins connect the superficial and deep systems. Larger perforators contain valves that direct flow from the superficial veins to the deep veins and are typically accompanied by a paired artery. It is estimated that up to 66% of patients with skin changes secondary to chronic venous insufficiency will have a component of perforator reflux, in addition to other sources of superficial or deep venous reflux. Valvular incompetency has been shown to result in venous hypertension and eventual stasis ulceration.

Perforator vein ablations are for the treatment of leg venous ulcers and skin changes. Chemical ablation is the injection of medication via a needle into unwanted veins. The goal is to irritate and scar the veins from the inside such that these abnormal veins close and no longer fill with blood. Several treatments may be required. This procedure may decrease discomfort and other symptoms from leg veins, and it may provide an improved cosmetic appearance.

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