Citrix Client Downloads allows you to easily use health system applications and data on your home PC or laptop. Citrix centralizes these applications and provides them on demand.

To install the Citrix client, select your computer's operating system from the left menu and follow the instructions, which include helpful screen shots. You'll be up and running in minutes! browser window

After you sign in, you'll see your available applications.

Health system applications include:

  • O2
  • Chartmaxx
  • Logician
  • HI-IQ
  • Stix
  • Obix
  • Budget Advisor
  • Copath Live
  • Softmed
  • TeleResults
  • HealthWorks
  • RadPACS Web


If you have any problems installing the Citrix client or signing in to, call the Help Desk at 913-588-4894.

Note: For Apple OS updates, it is always recommended that you verify any software you have previously installed for compatibility prior to upgrading. Occasionally, an Apple OS update could require a Citrix Receiver update. This may cause you to receive a warning that the current Citrix Receiver version is not compatible and that the download could fail or damage your system. If you receive this message, contact the HITS Help Desk so we may test the installation of the current client or find out when an updated Citrix Receiver version will be available.