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To see our experienced, board-certified staff including full-time environmental and occupational medicine physicians, nurses, toxicologists and industrial hygienists:

Corporate Health Programs and Services

Keeping workers safe and sound

Since 1985, The University of Kansas Health System's Corporate Health program has helped ensure the health and safety of your employees. We offer comprehensive occupational and environmental health services and resources for private, city, state and federal employers, labor unions and community groups — large and small.

Our experienced, board-certified physicians, nurses, toxicologists and specialists provide a wide range of health resources, including clinical services, program consulting, medical surveillance, risk assessment and environmental health studies.

We are committed to meeting your reporting needs through the use of automated systems that quickly and efficiently generate data on injury rates, safety issues and the quality of the environment.

The University of Kansas Health System's Corporate Health program provides the region's most comprehensive programs and services at three convenient locations.


Services and programs

We deliver comprehensive, interdisciplinary services ranging from federally mandated annual physical exams to medical surveillance for asbestos and hazardous materials exposure. Our full list of services include: