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Resources and Support Services
Couple meeting with hospital support services.

Interpreter and Hearing-Impaired Services

Interpreter services are available to patients, families and members of the community to take a little fear out of the hospitalization, overcome language barriers and communicate effectively. In addition to providing 24-hour, on-site Spanish language-interpreting services and dispatch-interpreting services in approximately 150 foreign languages, we provide written-document translation services in all languages. Also, American Sign Language interpreters are on site Monday-Friday, 8 a.m.-5 p.m., and by reservation outside of these times.

Trained and qualified interpreters increase patient safety and satisfaction. We can also increase the therapeutic relationship between patient and provider and take a little fear out of the hospitalization. – Cecilia Abbey

Interpreter Services

About interpretive services

Our goal in interpretive services is to ensure our patients have equal access to "goods and services" for our Limited English Proficiency (LEP) population and, at all times, remain in compliance with the laws governing the provision of interpreting/translating services. We also, when appropriate, educate staff, patients and community as to the role and function of interpreters and the importance of using professional interpreters instead of family members, friends or untrained persons.

Ongoing training is provided for our interpreters as well as language classes for staff and community. In addition, we monitor the use and condition of equipment used by persons with hearing impairments, including teletypewriters, 1-to-1 communicators and voice amplification devices. These devices are available 24 hours a day.

We are committed to recognizing your right to understand all issues related to your healthcare. We facilitate this commitment by providing unbiased, accurate interpretation/translation services. This way, you may actively participate in decision-making relating to your own care.

To request a qualified interpreter, speak with a member of your care team.

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