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When it Comes to a Breast Biopsy, You Have Options

You’ve just been told your mammogram shows an abnormality and requires a breast biopsy. Does your doctor recommend a surgical procedure or less invasive, less expensive needle biopsy?

At The University of Kansas Health System, a needle biopsy is the preferred screening method. Our doctors call it the new standard of patient care. The National Cancer Data Base says breast needle biopsies should be performed 90% of the time. The University of Kansas Health System surpasses that benchmark.

Marc Inciardi, MD, of breast radiology says if your primary care physician or surgeon does not recommend a needle biopsy, ask "Why not?" And, get a second opinion from a radiologist experienced in needle biopsy of the breast; the more experience, the better.

Dr. Inciardi says needle biopsies of the breast are just as accurate as a surgical biopsy, are less expensive and let the patient avoid the operating room. This means there's no scar, less tissue removed (less deforming) and a faster healing time. Most of our patients are able to return to work the same day.

Also, a surgical biopsy that finds cancer often eliminates a woman’s options in the next stage of diagnosis and treatment.

To learn more or schedule a consultation, contact the breast imaging department at 913-588-1227.

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