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Protect Yourself Against Gynecologic Cancers

Women wanting to stay healthy at any age know to get regular mammograms, a colon screening and heart assessment, but can they answer the following 5 questions to protect against gynecologic cancers?

1. What is the most common symptom of endometrial cancer?
a. Pain
b. Itching
c. Nausea
d. Vaginal bleeding

2. How can I reduce my risk for developing cervical cancer?
a. Limit exposure to multiple partners
b. Use condoms
c. Routine PAP smears
d. All of the above

3. What are considered to be the most common symptoms of an ovarian cancer?
a. Bloating/abdominal pressure
b. Lower abdominal and or pelvic pain
c. Feeling full quickly and/or difficulty eating
d. Frequent and/or urgent urination
e. All of the above

4. What options are available for reducing my risk for ovarian cancer?
a. Breast feed
b. Surgically remove ovaries and fallopian tubes
c. Pre-menopausal oral contraceptive pill
d. All of the above

5. How old do I have to be to stop having a pelvic examination?
a. Age 40
b. Age 50
c. Age 60
d. Never too old

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