Whooping Cough Death in Central Kansas Has Area Doctors on Alert

January 28, 2015

KANSAS CITY, KAN.— An outbreak of whooping cough in Great Bend, Kansas has killed one person and left five people ill in the last month. Barton County Health Department officials say the patients range in age from four months to middle age, though they are not releasing information on the patient who died. They are urging everyone to make sure their whooping cough vaccines are up to date, or get a booster if needed.

Doctors at The University of Kansas Hospital say it’s unfortunate that a disease that’s very preventable is still affecting so many people. Steve Lauer, MD, a pediatrician, offers comments on the following:

  • Why it’s not surprising to see an outbreak.
  • Is it expected in the Kansas City area?
  • Why we should be concerned about whooping cough
  • How whooping cough is spread.
  • Whooping cough symptoms.
  • Whooping cough treatment.
  • Whooping cough prevention.
  • Is the disease making a comeback?
  • What doctors say to parents who are hesitant to vaccinate their children.

Interview with pediatrician Steve Lauer, MD, PhD.

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