A Patient Unable To Speak For Himself Needs Help from the Public

April 15, 2015

Kansas City, Kan. – A patient who arrived by ambulance to The University of Kansas Hospital April 9, is too sick to speak for himself and doctors are asking for help from the public to identify relatives or friends. 

The man became sick while at the home of an acquaintance near the intersection of 22nd and Birch Drive in Kansas City, Kan. An ambulance was called to take the patient to the emergency department at The University of Kansas Hospital. When he arrived, the man said his name was Andre Minor and gave a date of birth of May 10, 1980. He then became too sick to talk. He is now on a respirator in the Neuro Intensive Care Unit. Mr. Minor was wearing a shirt, sweats and shoes with no wallet or personal identification on him. He does have several tattoos. 

“Somewhere, there is a family or friend waiting to hear from Mr. Minor,” Matthew Markert, MD, and Mr. Minor’s physician said. “Hopefully, someone in the community will recognize him and come forward to help in making healthcare decisions.” 

 If you have more information, call the KU Police Department at 913-588-5030. 

Interview with Dr. Matthew Markart, MD

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