Enhanced Child and Adolescent Psychiatric Care Partnership Announced

May 28, 2015

KANSAS CITY, KAN./OVERLAND PARK, KAN.— A major new affiliation has been formed to improve access to behavioral health care for area youth. The affiliation includes:

  • Cornerstones of Care, a family of agencies which includes Marillac, a leading youth behavioral health provider
  • The University of Kansas Hospital, the area’s premier academic hospital

The partnership will begin operation on June 22, 2015.

As part of this relationship, the current children’s inpatient psychiatric hospital facility, operated by Marillac, will become The University of Kansas Hospital – Marillac Campus. All psychiatric residential treatment and outpatient services will continue operating through Marillac, by Marillac’s current management team, and service will continue to be provided on the 17-acre, Overland Park Campus located at  8000 West 127th Street.

“As a health system, we are making a major commitment to our growth by expanding acute psychiatric services for youth and adolescents,” said Bob Page, hospital President and CEO. “We have seen a growing need in our community for behavioral health, and both our hospital and Marillac truly believe this partnership can help fill the gap in mental health disorders and maintain healthier communities in Kansas and Missouri.”

“The integration of physical and behavioral health care is important for the health and well being of our community,” said Denise Cross, President and CEO of Cornerstones of Care. “We  believe this partnership will provide a framework for the advancement of a trauma informed delivery system that leads to better health outcome.”

The new partnership builds upon the 2011 affiliation between Marillac and the University of Kansas School of Medicine and The University of Kansas Physicians, where child psychiatry inpatient services were moved to Marillac and outpatient services and medical education were extended to Marillac.

“While our faculty have successfully worked at Marillac for years, this new relationship between Marillac and The University of Kansas Hospital, our main clinical partner, will only further our ability to act in an integrated manner,” said Robert Simari, M.D., Executive Dean of the University of Kansas School of Medicine.

“Psychiatric health is a very important issue,” said Lynn Lemke, Marillac President and CEO. “We believe this partnership will create a stronger voice in advocacy and improve access to advanced quality of care for our children, adolescents, families and communities.”

Marillac, established in 1897, is part of the Cornerstones of Care family of agencies, an innovative organization providing a full continuum of prevention, treatment and support services. The other family of agencies include:  Gillis, Ozanam, Spofford, and Healthy Families Programs. Collectively, these agencies provide quality care to over 10,000 youth and families each year.

Interviews with Tammy Peterman, Chief Operating Officer, The University of Kansas Hospital, and Denise Cross, President and Chief Executive Officer, Cornerstones of Care.

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