A New Quiz Predicts Your Chances of Dying in 5 Years

June 10, 2015

KANSAS CITY, Kan.— Are you between the ages of 40 and 70? Do you have two minutes available? If so, use that time and take the UbbLE, UK Longevity Explorer, to determine your chances of dying withing five years.

This new, free online test consists of 13 questions for men, 11 for women, and uses population variables to predict the likelihood of death.

"The UbbLE is such an easy test. It gives you something tangible. While you can't change your genetics, it allows you to see the benefits of making one small change in your life – like smoking – and compare the results side-by-side to see the difference," said Dr. Lee Norman, MD, Chief Medical Officer at The University of Kansas Hospital.

While the test was designed for the UK, Dr. Norman believes that the U.S. is comparable enough in lifestyle, aside from a few small differences, that Americans could still benefit from taking the UbbLE.

"From a genetic perspective, we're very similar," Dr. Norman said. "The primary difference if the study was done in the United States, we'd likely need to take gun accidents and violence and a smaller immunization rate into consideration."

Take the UbbLE today to learn more about your risk factors.

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