Patient Tests Negative for Ebola Virus

June 01, 2015

KANSAS CITY, Kan.— Confirmatory tests from the regional lab at Nebraska indicate no Ebola virus disease in the patient recently admitted to The University of Kansas Hospital after traveling from Sierra Leone. The patient has tested positive for malaria. Chief Medical Officer at The University of Kansas Hospital, Dr. Lee Norman, MD, praised the designated healthcare team for quickly coming together, as well as the rapid and organized response by county and state health departments to ensure the safety of the patient, community and medical staff. Dr. Norman gave added praise to the patient and local health department for calling ahead to the hospital.

"The incident is a good reminder that Ebola is still active in other parts of the world," Dr. Norman said. "As a national leader in healthcare, we remain committed to providing exceptional care for every patient who needs us while keeping the community safe."

Dr. Norman also commended the clinical and support teams for the hours they invested in the care of this patient and recognized media for keeping the community informed about public health matters.

"We knew when the tests showed he had malaria as the likely cause for his symptoms that Ebola was unlikely. But his concerns and ours are the same – to be absolutely sure that it couldn't be the result of the Ebola virus infection. We are quite pleased the tests show he doesn't have Ebola. Now, he can go and recover in the comfort of his own home."

The patient is responding well to therapy. Because of his low risk, no other Ebola virus testing is recommended. Due to HIPAA requirements, no further information will be released about this patient.

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