Advances in Metastatic Breast Cancer Treatments Lead to Long, Quality Lives

September 15, 2015

KANSAS CITY, Kan.— Advances in drug therapies have transformed metastatic breast cancer from an immediate, grim prognosis into a manageable condition with longer quality of life, according to doctors at The University of Kansas Cancer Center.

Metastatic breast cancer occurs when breast cancer spreads from the breast to other parts of the body; to other organs or bones.

There is no cure, but with targeted drug therapies, many women are now living an active life for years with the condition controlled, much like a chronic illness such as diabetes.

A new national campaign, called “It’s About Time,” is underway to educate patients about the success of these treatment options. The campaign name represents the quality extended life metastatic breast cancer patients may now have.

To continue developing new drugs to treat metastatic breast cancer, new clinical trials are underway at The University of Kansas Cancer Center. To find out more about these and other trials, go to or call our clinical trials nurse navigator, 913-945-7552, for more information.


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