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Move In Day for Cambridge Tower A

Move in day for Cambridge Tower A staff and patients

November 08, 2017

KANSAS CITY, Kan. — The clock has run out. As of Tuesday morning, the countdown to Cambridge Tower A's opening officially ended with the transfer of more than 50 patients to their rooms in the new tower.

The event was managed with a clinical command structure (led by Nursing Director's Carol Cleek, RN) and HITS command (led by Linsey Taylor and Charlene Silvestri). The structure simulated a mass disaster drill for evacuating patients, with the incident command center monitoring, escalating and delegating issues as they arose.

Dubbed "Cambridge Tower A Go Live," the patient transfer plan was executed without a hitch, thanks to team work and meticulous planning. Clinicians even managed three patient incidents smoothly during the morning, a testament to the extraordinary preparation leading up to the transfer.

LEAN methodologies and hours of preparation went into the playbook of procedures, staffing assignments and logistics to ensure no aspect of patient safety or care was compromised.

About 150 staff, from clinical to IT, were directly involved or on standby to participate in the operation. Transfers from two floors of the Center for Advanced Heart Care and one floor of the main hospital began around 6 a.m. By approximately 9 a.m., every patient was settled into their new home in Cambridge Tower A.

Patients traveled by wheelchair and hospital bed across the Burns and McDonnell pedestrian bridge with the necessary equipment for their care in tow. Plans ensured appropriate staff were assigned to patients based on their clinical needs during transport.

The 11 operating rooms also are opening in stages this week, along with Interventional Radiology and Radiology services.

"An undertaking of this scale wouldn't have been possible without the incredible teamwork, especially from nursing teams who worked to prepare the units," said Carol Cleek, RN, senior director of nursing, emergency and clinical care.

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