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Emergency Department Payment Policy

The University of Kansas Health System requests patients pay their Emergency Department copays. If insurance information is absent or unavailable, a $50 deposit is requested.

Please note that no patient is denied urgent/emergent care based on their ability to pay at the time of service.

The University of Kansas Health System does not discriminate against patients based on their inability to pay.

Emergency Department payment policy FAQs

  • Deposit

    A standard amount requested from patients prior to or at the point of service. This amount will go toward a patient's total out-of-pocket costs. Should there be a discrepancy, our policy is to refund any overpayment.

    Copayment (copay)

    A fixed amount that is requested for covered medical services at the time service is received. Example: $50 payment due for each visit to the health system's Emergency Department.


    This refers to the sharing of covered medical expenses.


    The part of a patient's covered medical expenses that the individual pays each calendar year before the insurance company starts to pay benefits.

    Out-of-pocket maximum

    A predetermined, limited amount of money that an individual must pay directly before an insurance company or self-insured employer will pay 100% for an individual's healthcare expenses.

  • The University of Kansas Health System wants to help inform and educate patients regarding their financial liability. This will help patients better understand and plan for their potential expenses in the future and will be applied toward the total expenses incurred for services. The patient will be billed for remaining balances left after insurance pays.
  • The health system accepts checks, credit cards and cash.
  • Yes, uninsured patients qualify for a 70% discount for hospital services and/or a 40% discount for physician services. Please contact patient financial customer services at 913-588-5820 or 877-287-6268 for more information.
  • Financial assistance is part of the community service provided by The University of Kansas Health System. For those who are unable to pay for necessary medical services, every effort will be made to assist you in obtaining help for payment of your medical bills.

    For a patient who may have difficulties with payment for any portion of care, we have the following policies and programs:

    • Payment plans: Patients may pay for services in monthly increments over a period of time.

    • Financial assistance programs: There are programs for patients who are not deemed eligible for state/federal assistance, yet do not have adequate financial resources. After completing a financial evaluation, you may be eligible for financial assistance for services provided to you by The University of Kansas Health System.

    Please contact our financial counseling office at 913-588-7850 if you feel you may qualify for financial assistance.

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