Skin Care

The plastic surgery team at The University of Kansas Health System strongly believes a quality skin care regime not only enhances and protects your skin’s appearance but it prevents future issues. That’s why they uphold the philosophy SkinCeuticals® built their products around. The effects of aging, along with harsh environmental factors have a great impact on your skin’s health and surface appearance. We recommend a regime that will promote your overall skin health while helpingSkinCeuticals you look and feel your best.

Reasons to consider SkinCeuticals products

Advanced medical skin care products are optimized for health and beauty. The revolutionary antioxidant formulations in SkinCeuticals continue to be a leaders in the realm of skin care regime, and with the science to back it. By adding a protective element, these products not only prevent your skin from harmful elements, they rejuvenate them at the same time.

Skin care products treat:

  • Signs of aging
  • Environmental effects
  • Acne scarring
Anyone looking for an advanced skin care regime can benefit from the SkinCeuticals. The University of Kansas Physicians plastic surgery team can guide you down the right path by specifically selecting which products will work best your skin type and situation.

Professional SkinCeuticals treatments

For individuals to truly benefit from a skin care treatment, you will want to combine your customized at-home regime with in-office treatments targeted at specific problem areas.
  • Professional peels (chemical peels) are the most effective way to restore and then maintain your skin’s health, but when pared with SkinCeuticals home care regime you are achieving the most optimal results possible.
  • Facial treatments provided by SkinCeuticals are pharmaceutical-grade products customized by your physician to suit your unique skin needs. Enhancing, protecting, and rejuvenating are key components to consider when taking on such an advanced at-home skin care regime. After several uses you will begin to see smoother and more even-toned skin.
As with any in-office procedure and at-home treatment, your regime is unique to your situation. Your plastic surgeon will prescribe you the perfect combination of topical creams and may advise you to discontinue the use of any other cosmetic product so you receive the full benefits of skin care regime.

Contact us to learn more about the skin care products we offer

If you are curious as to how you might benefit from SkinCeuticals products and treatments, or if you have questions about what combinations we offer, please contact us at The University of Kansas Physicians Plastic Surgery. Our team of Kansas City plastic surgeons are authorized and experienced in these highly advanced skin care procedures and are ready to guide you through your decision-making process.

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