Ear Pinning Surgery

Children and adults alike who struggle with overly prominent ears may turn to our Overland Park plastic surgery team to undergo ear pinning surgery to correct the issue.
  • Repositions protruding ears
  • Improves ear proportion

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Overly protruding ears can be an issue for children as young as four years old and are a problem that may persist through adulthood. The issue can lead to teasing and an ear pinning surgery, or otoplasty, can be performed to normalize the appearance of the ear. In order to undergo the procedure, you must have fully developed ears, which happens around age four.

How is ear pinning surgery performed?

The otoplasty procedure takes two to three hours to perform and is done, often with a general anesthesia for children and a local anesthetic for adults. When beginning, your plastic surgeon will make incisions behind your ears. Through these incisions, your ears’ cartilage will be sculpted, folded or removed and your ears will be folded closer to your head. Sutures will close the incisions and maintain the new shape of your ears.

Ear pinning incision
Your plastic surgeon performs an incision behind the ear
to sculpt the cartilage and carefully fold it closer to the head.

What to expect after ear pinning surgery?

Following ear pinning surgery, adults can typically return to work after about five days and children can return to school after a week, though caution should be exercised. Your head will be wrapped in bandages to maintain the new form of the ears and promote proper healing. Any stitches used will be removed after one week and a light head dressing should be worn for a few days. After you have healed, you should see more natural looking ears and have improved self-esteem.

Some possible side effects of otoplasty may include blood clot of the ear, infection and scar tissue formation.

If you struggle with overly protruding ears, we encourage you to contact the plastic surgery team to learn about your ear pinning surgery options.