Adolescent Gynecology

Young girls and women, usually in the age range of 8-18 years old, may have special gynecology conditions and diseases. Many times these situations are initially addressed by the patient’s pediatrician. However, our specialists are able to assist the pediatrician with our specialized knowledge of the female genitalia and the disorders peculiar to the female genitalia and this age group.

Young females and their parents are rightfully concerned about a number of issues including growth and development, utilization of vaccines for prevention of sexually transmitted diseases, prevention of undesired pregnancy, sexuality and menstrual disorders, among a multitude of other conditions. Our physicians are uniquely qualified to evaluate and treat young females with these problems.

We also offer expertise in the application of the new vaccine to prevent cervical cancer and evaluation of preinvasive cancer of the cervix, which may affect these young females, and can advise them about this issue.