Angela Banitt Duncan, PhD

Angela Bannitt DuncanClinical Psychologist

Angela Banitt Duncan is a clinical psychologist with a focus on health psychology. She’s interested in the relationship between thoughts, behaviors, and physical illness, and she enjoys helping patients understand how mind and body are connected.

Dr. Duncan practices cognitive-behavioral therapy. She most frequently treats adults with anxiety or depression, especially when those disorders coincide with bodily illness. She also has expertise in behavioral weight management, stress management, behavioral sleep medicine, and smoking cessation, all for adults. Adult patients with other disorders, or children or adolescents, may be considered on a case-by-case basis.

As a member of the Integrative Medicine team, Dr. Duncan enjoys collaborating with the other providers to treat all aspects of a patient’s health. She enjoys seeing how nutrition and physical activity can affect mental health. “If there’s a more natural approach to treatment, we should do that first,” she says.

A native of Minnesota, Dr. Duncan earned her doctorate from the University of Kansas Clinical Psychology program. She sees patients in Integrative Medicine one day per week, and she also teaches psychology courses at Washburn University. When she’s not practicing or teaching, she enjoys playing basketball, listening to an eclectic range of music from classical to hip-hop, and watching as many documentaries as she can. She and her husband, Bryan, have two young children.