Neonatal Medical Home

neonatal-homeIt may seem sometimes like the smallest patients have the biggest needs. That’s why we take such a unique and comprehensive approach to meeting the primary and follow-up care of medically complex children, from infants through age five.
  • The “medical home” model of care is a team-based approach that focuses on providing the comprehensive range of needed services in a well-coordinated and easily accessible manner. 
  • This model minimizes the need for multiple appointments with individual specialists and provides a unique continuum of care.
This means our entire team of neonatal medical specialists, nurses, therapists, social workers, and administrative and support staff is committed to providing you and your child the highest quality of care possible. Your team is familiar with your child and your child’s history, which also helps facilitate coordination of care.

What’s more, this multidisciplinary care, as well as all ancillary services—such as physical therapy, nutritional therapy, speech and language therapy—are coordinated through a case manager who provides a single point of contact for you.

We launched our Neonatal Medical Home in 2010, and it is still the only patient-centered medical home specifically for preterm and at-risk newborns in the country. Our staff provides:
  • Well-child visits
  • Acute care
  • Breast-feeding support 
  • Developmental testing (ASQ, Bayley Screenings)
  • Retinopathy exams
  • RSV prophylaxis