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Pediatric Medical Complexity

Children with medical complexity typically have chronic or severe health conditions and substantial healthcare needs. Such conditions include cerebral palsy, congenital heart disease, genetic syndromes and others. These children may require many medications and have chronic pain, unexplained symptoms and developmental issues. They require multidisciplinary resources and an engaged care team to navigate the healthcare system.

Primary care provided with these resources is available at The University of Kansas Health System Pillars Clinic. Here, our specialists provide advanced care to meet the healthcare needs of medically complex pediatric patients.

To schedule an appointment, call 913-588-1227 or request an appointment online.

Nurse talking with young patient in wheelchair.

Your medical home

The clinic coordinates care with a team that includes a physician, nurse coordinator, social worker, dietitian and patient advocate. Located within the heart of the Kansas City region’s only academic medical center, the patient-centered Pediatric Pillars medical home combines general pediatrics and more than 35 pediatric subspecialists to improve care for your child.

We offer a variety of appointment types. Learn more or call 913-588-1227 to schedule now.

Pillars for support

The Pediatric Pillars medical home offers an accessible, collaborative care environment. Like the pillars of the Greek Parthenon, parents and providers stand strong to support the lifelong medical journey of children with medical complexity.

Comprehensive care

The Pediatric Pillars medical home was designed with you in mind. We combine our specialized resources to provide:

  • Coordination of care in a patient-centered medical home
  • Dedicated physician, nurse navigator, dietitian, social worker, parent advocate and support staff
  • Extended appointment times and seamless integration with general pediatrics
  • Inpatient consultation
  • Same-day appointments for urgent needs

Clinical focus

We work with parents and children to provide comprehensive care from early childhood through adolescence to adulthood. Your child receives:

  • Care requiring subspecialty collaboration, including for conditions such as metabolic disease, cerebral palsy and genetic syndrome
  • Management for patients who depend on technology, including wheelchairs, home ventilators and feeding tubes
  • Pediatric-to-adult transition of care
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Turning Point

Turning Point offers free classes, programs and tools designed to empower and educate people affected by chronic or serious illness.

Learn more about our services