Masks are Required

Wearing masks helps us keep each other safe. Masks are required in our facilities.

If you cannot wear a mask, contact your care team before you visit to discuss telehealth. Patients and visitors not wearing masks will not be permitted to enter.

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Rectocele Repair

The tissues of the back side of the vagina can be weakened with time and a bulge or sac-like structure can push into the vagina. For some women this may progress to needing to push the prolapse with the fingers or push on the opening of the vagina to help with passage of the stools. Constipation and vaginal deliveries with episiotomies or lacerations are often a reason for developing this type of prolapse. Your physician can help restore the anatomy of the vagina by performing a small procedure which does not involve mesh (using your own tissues and stitches) to strengthen the vaginal wall tissue and remove the prolapse. This does not involve any bowel surgery but it does require that your bowels be functioning well and any constipation be avoided to help your results last long.

Our fellowship-trained surgeons are highly experienced and trained so as to help you manage your prolapse and develop a care plan just for you.