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Pathology and Laboratory Medicine
Laboratory researchers


Pathology & Laboratory Medicine affects nearly every patient seen by physicians or admitted to The University of Kansas Health System. Unlike other clinicians, you may never encounter a pathologist during your stay or medical appointment. Yet pathology services are a vital component to your treatment and plan of care.

Whenever testing of samples or specimens is required, our pathologists and laboratory professionals process, review and share findings with your physician. Other long-term or chronic treatment therapies such as cancer or diabetes may involve regular testing and follow-up with our pathology team to monitor your progress of care.

How to understand your surgical pathology/biopsy report

Tissue samples help to discover the presence, cause or extent of a disease and to determine the best plan of care. The College of American Pathologists has developed a general guide to help you understand your surgical pathology/biopsy report.

How to understand your clinical pathology/laboratory medicine report

Unlike a surgical pathology/biopsy report, a clinical pathology/laboratory medicine report is usually the findings from samples of body fluids, such as blood or urine.

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