We have a number of resources available to help our patients. From specific treatments for men's and women's urological issues to support groups, we are here for you.

Contact us

To reach the following specialists, please call 913-588-6146. Faxes for Urology can be sent to 913-588-7625.

  • Dr. Jeffrey Holzbeierlein
  • Drs. J. Brantley Thrasher and Hadley Wyre
  • Drs. Joshua Broghammer and Ajay Nangia
  • Drs. Moben Mirza, Priya Padmanabhan and Eugene Lee
  • Dr. David Duchene and Brice Weber, PA
  • Drs. Tomas Griebling and William Parker
  • Dr. Paul Christenson and Jim Kovarik, PA-C
  • Drs. Kerri Barnes, Donald Neff and John Taylor, III


To reach our pediatric urology specialists, Drs. Paul Bowlin, Joel Koenig and John Gatti, call:

Academic offices

Have questions about your bill or insurance coverage?

913-588-5820 or 877-287-6268

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