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Robotics for Prolapse Repair


Many techniques exist for fixing and supporting the top of the vagina.

If mesh is used, sacrocolpopexy is the ideal treatment. It is the gold standard for treatment of prolapse. Unlike the mesh that was used through the vagina for the repair of prolapse, the mesh we use with sacrocolpopexy has not been recalled by the FDA nor has it been part of any FDA warning. This is a positive indicator, as the procedure has been tested for support and effectiveness/results and any potential complication over several decades.

To avoid a lengthy incision across the abdomen, we may perform robotic surgery on appropriate patients. With robotic surgery, the incisions are small (usually less than half an inch) and not cosmetically problematic. This allows for easier and faster patient recovery and gives the physician greater access during the procedure because of the 3D, image-guided features of robotic technology and the agility that the it promotes.

Not all surgeons use robotics to perform this procedure, however our urogynecologists have been specially trained over the years using laparoscopy and robotics.

Our fellowship-trained surgeons are highly experienced and trained to help you manage your prolapse and develop a care plan just for you.

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