Healthy Recipes

In Be Well Connection each month we feature healthy, delicious recipes for you to try in your own home. Browse our recipes below. They have been organized for your convenience.

 Banana bread waffles
   Brainy energy bars
   Breakfast shrimp rolls
   Egg-free frittata
   Hearty ham and sweet pea frittata with sage and red onion
   Lemony ricotta muffins
   Make-ahead roasted veggie and egg bake
   Mini quiche with cauliflower crust
   Roasted mushroom and eggs Benedict
   Sundried tomato, mozzarella, asparagus and basil frittata
   Warm freekeh breakfast bowl with cherries and cashew butter
 Edamame guacamole
   Greek artichoke and cauliflower dip
   Tempting olive tapenade
   Texas caviar
 Chilled avocado soup "cocktail"
   Chilled avocado soup with shrimp or rotisserie chicken
   Curried lentil and coconut soup
   Easy bone broth
   Shrimp gumbo
   Spicy black bean soup with cilantro-lime sour cream
   Turkey chili
   Tuscan white bean and escarole soup
 Avocado and watermelon salad
   Corn and tomato salad
   Fall pumpkin salad
   Peanut-free spicy Thai salad
 Butternut squash risotto with wild rice
   Cheeseless macaroni and cheese
   Garlicky beer-marinated grilled chicken
   Grilled pork tenderloin with fresh peach salsa
   Grilled portobello mushroom and tomato sandwich with goat cheese and orange zest
   Healthier mac and cheese
   Hidden fiber meatloaf
   Lighter chicken potpie
   No-heat shawarma
   Orange beef
   Pecan encrusted salmon with sweet potato sauce
   Roasted mushroom and smoky mozzarella quesadilla
   Roasted squash, pear and white cheddar pizza
   Salmon cakes with dill-yogurt sauce
   Salmon sliders
   Sicilian chicken cacciatore
   Spaghetti squash with toasted pecans, wild mushrooms and dried cranberries
Side dishes: 
 Baked tofu fries
   Campfire corn on the cob
   Heavenly deviled eggs
   Higher fiber mashed potatoes
   New potato and apple salad with honey mustard and walnuts
   Pumpkin cornmeal muffins
   Roasted root vegetables with lemon honey vinaigrette
   Zippy tropical slaw
 Chocolate cake
   Berry tart with raw pecan filling
   Chocolate peanut butter tofu pudding
   Dairy-free creme brulee
   Grilled bananas with peanut butter
   Low-fat mocha semifreddo
   Peach and blackberry yogurt pops
   Pomegranate and orange granita
   Pumpkin spice bar
   Red wine chocolate-covered cherries
   S'mores pie
   Spiced nuts

 Spicy pumpkin seeds

 Beverages:  Almond Joy coffee
 Antioxidant postworkout smoothie
   Gingerbread hot chocolate
   Greens and things smoothie
   Hot raspberry mocha
   Mint chocolate chip smoothie
   Peanut butter cup preworkout smoothie
   Turmeric colada latte
 Cranberry-mango chutney
   Dark beer mustard
   Smoky eggplant salsa
   Spicy barbecue sauce
   Sweet mango barbecue sauce
For your pets: 
 Good dog biscuits