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Resources and Support Services
Couple meeting with hospital support services.

Patient and Family Resource Centers

Knowledge is important medicine. In our resource centers, patients, family and community members are invited to learn about their conditions or those of loved ones. These quiet areas offer materials such as brochures, books, videos and Internet access.

Our experienced and knowledgeable staff are glad to answer your questions, help you find information and offer support.

Brandmeyer Patient Resource Center

The Brandmeyer Patient Resource Center at The University of Kansas Cancer Center is a comfortable place to learn about specific types of cancer, cancer treatment, clinical trials and other cancer-related information.

To learn more about the Brandmeyer Patient Resource Center, call 913-588-0131.

George Varghese, MD, Spine Learning and Resource Center

The George Varghese, MD, Spine Learning and Resource Center provides patients, their families and community members with the latest information on diagnosis, treatment and rehabilitation of spine-related diseases and disorders. Patients can explore their diagnoses and become actively involved in their treatment and rehabilitation.

The resource center features:

  • Informational brochures, pamphlets and CDs
  • A lending library of books, videos and other materials
  • Models of the human body to aid in visualization and understanding
  • Community resource and support group information for patients and caregivers
  • Internet access to nationally recognized spine-related websites

The center's coordinator is an experienced clinical professional who can help you find the resources you need. Call 913-588-9900 for more information.

Turning Point

Turning Point has been Kansas City’s highly respected patient support organization since 2001. With an array of comprehensive programs, Turning Point offers free classes and groups for those who have been touched by a serious or chronic illness, directly or indirectly. Through classes, activities and education, Turning Point helps participants increase resilience so they may live life to the fullest, even while experiencing chronic disease.

White Heart Learning and Resource Center

The White Heart Learning and Resource Center is a unique learning center located on the second floor of the Center for Advanced Heart Care in Kansas City, Kansas. Patients, family members and community members are welcome to visit the center to learn more about the heart and the importance of heart health. Available resources include videos, an interactive touch screen, and printed and digital materials on topics related to heart conditions, heart health, diet and exercise. There are also 3D models of the heart, blood vessels and various medical devices.

To learn more about the White Heart Learning and Resource Center, call 913-588-8618.

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