Randall Evans, MS, RD, LD

Randy EvansRegistered Dietitian

Medical Support Operations Manager

BS, Business & Agricultural Business, Graceland University
BS, Dietetics, University of Central Missouri
MS, Nutrition & Dietetics, University of Kansas Medical Center

Randy Evans is one of our two registered and licensed dietitians. But nutrition isn’t Randy’s first career. Before he returned to school to study dietetics, Randy worked in the corporate world, doing sales and marketing for several companies (he has two business degrees). After switching paths, he earned a master’s degree in nutrition from The University of Kansas Medical Center. His thesis research was focused on the relationship between dietary intake and glutathione in older adults.

Randy has found his passion in the practice of nutrition in integrative medicine. He loves working with patients and clients to help them feel better, enjoy living, and improve their quality of life. Randy firmly believes two things: that eating real, whole foods matters to our health; and that we cannot truly begin to understand our nutrition until we use laboratory measures of vitamins, minerals, essential fats and amino acids, among other things, to identify and correct nutritional deficiencies. He loves that, in integrative medicine, nutrition is central to healthcare and is based on current scientific discovery and not rooted in outdated beliefs.

Randy enjoys working with young athletes to optimize energy and alleviate fatigue, speed up healing and recovery time, and facilitate proper growth. He also loves to work with anyone who is seeking wellness and ready to take charge of their own health, no matter their age.

Randy grew up on a dairy farm in southeast Iowa. When he was growing up, his family ate organic food and drank raw milk, because it was the only way they knew how to eat. He loves returning to Iowa every year to attend the famous Iowa State Fair. He also loves spending his free time exercising, especially when he can play volleyball or ride bikes outdoors.

  • Sports and performance
  • Wellness
  • Ketogenic diet
  • Cardiovascular/cardiometabolic Health