Recognized for Quality

URAC accredited

Our specialty pharmacy is accredited by URAC, which ensures we provide the highest level of care and services. URAC-accredited specialty pharmacies make sure consumers have appropriate access to medications, receive excellent customer service, ensure medication safety and much more. Learn more about URAC-accreditation.

Specialty Pharmacy

Here help with your personal medication needs

Your healthcare team includes physicians, nurses, social workers and pharmacists. They all work together to make sure you get the most benefit from your medication therapy. Our specialty pharmacy's role is to monitor your medications and advise your healthcare team on how this part of your care plan is working.

Just as you have a physician who is a specialist, our pharmacists are specialists in the medications you are taking. They are here to help you take your medications correctly and make it as convenient and simple as possible.

Personalized service

We work with you monthly to make sure you can take your medications as prescribed. Our services include:

  • Providing all your medications at one pharmacy
  • Personalized service
  • Free shipping
  • Specialized packaging
  • All additional supplies as needed

We'll contact you each month before your refills are due to find out what you need. In addition to specialty medications, we can fill your other prescriptions at the same time – for a specialty condition or any other need. You save time by using one location for all your medication needs.

Free delivery

We will ship your medications to any location in the United States – free of charge. Specialty medications may require special handling to make certain they are kept stable. You can have confidence that your medications will arrive on time and intact.

Your pharmacy patient advocate

A pharmacy patient advocate, or PPA, is a billing specialist who will help you with your insurance billing. A PPA will work with each patient enrolled in our specialty pharmacy program.

Your PPA will help you with your medications, answer your billing questions, get insurance information and streamline the payment process. Please tell your PPA if you have any insurance changes.

In addition to helping with insurance, your PPA can tell you if you qualify for help paying for medications.

Your PPA can also help you arrange payment for your pharmacy co-pay or deductible. You can make payments by major credit card, debit card or electronic check.

Convenient location

The University of Kansas Hospital's Specialty Pharmacy is conveniently located inside the hospital's front entrance on our main campus, one mile south of I-35 at 39th and Rainbow Boulevard in Kansas City, Kansas.

More information

To speak with a member of our Specialty Pharmacy team about your medications, call 913.945.5405 or toll free at 855.606.6968. You may also email