Revolutionizing Stroke Treatment with RAPID Software

The stroke team at The University of Kansas Health System is using a specialized software program called RAPID to aid in deciding the best treatment course for a patient with acute ischemic stroke.

RAPID analyzes data collected from the CT perfusion scan and quickly provides the stroke team physician with a quantitative value of the volume of brain tissue that is irreversibly damaged (the core of the stroke) and the volume of tissue that can be salvaged if blood flow can be restored quickly (the penumbra of the stroke). Some patients have better backup circulation than others, and they may have a large penumbra well beyond the usual time frame for interventional stroke treatment. The RAPID system identifies those cases. As more research is completed, the hope is this information will allow the stroke team physicians to make much better decisions regarding who can be treated successfully at what point in time.

As we gain experience with this technology and other hospitals in our stroke referral network adopt it, we will also be able to better identify which patients may benefit from transfer for endovascular treatment.