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Next Steps After a Diagnosis of ADD or ADHD

It can be overwhelming when your child is diagnosed with attention deficit disorder (ADD) or attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD). But making small changes to your household and to your family life can help your child overcome obstacles.

Pediatrician Stephen Lauer, MD, PhD, specializes in helping children and families in this situation.

"First, people have to realize this is a lifetime diagnosis, not one that will be short-lived or go away in time," he says. "It's about how a child's brain works. Families need to be ready to make long-term adjustments to give their child a better chance of succeeding overall in life."

He suggests 3 strategies families can adopt.

"Behavioral changes are the necessary component in treating the condition," explains Dr. Lauer. "We find these types of changes and modifications help a child's normal developmental processes."

In addition to behavioral changes, it is possible a child may require medication to overcome symptoms. Work with your physician to establish a plan of action tailored specifically to the condition of your child.

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