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Employee Spotlight: Jill Kouts

Concussion Program Coordinator: Jill Kouts, BSN, RN

If you’ve ever had questions or an injury related to a concussion, chances are you’ve probably worked with Jill Kouts.

As the concussion program coordinator with the Center for Concussion Management at The University of Kansas Hospital, Kouts works together with various departments such as pediatrics, neurology, trauma and the Sports Medicine & Performance Center for concussion-related inquiries.

"Whether it’s a car accident patient that comes in through the emergency room or a high school football player injured on the field, I make sure our patients receive the optimal care they need," says Kouts.

Not only does she evaluate and work with patients to determine the best care plan, she also spends a significant amount of time on community outreach, education and research around concussion management.

"Education is the most important," says Kouts. "I speak to different groups, including teachers, sports teams, coaches and parent groups at least once a week about concussion preparedness."

Kouts leads an annual School Nurse Symposium at Arrowhead Stadium to educate school nurses from around the Kansas City area about concussions and emergency action plans for other types of injuries.

Contrary to what most may think, only 10% of concussions come from sports-related injuries. "You can’t prevent concussions from happening in most cases, so it’s critical to build the awareness and help people of all ages and professions to understand what to look for and what action to take."

As a former corporate banker turned pediatric nurse, Kouts always had a passion for helping others. She experienced a concussion herself when she was younger and developed an interest in the condition.

"I’ve been through it before, so I understand what it’s like to be in their shoes," says Kouts. "The best part of my job is working with my patients to see them get better and return to their normal life and play."

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