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Chiefs Game Day Challenge

December 20, 2019

Game day viewing and snacking can turn anyone into a couch potato, and we’re challenging you not to let that happen during the remainder of NFL games this year. We've come up with a game day challenge for everyone in Chiefs Kingdom to help you get a little more fit during each game.

By following the lead of personal trainer Kelsey Ngeh, you can fit a little workout into your game day routine. The #ChiefsGameDayChallenge features exercises to do during commercial breaks, halftime or anytime you’re inspired. Plus, we offer some recipe hacks aimed at lightening the caloric load of some halftime favorites.

Like the exercises you see here?

Kelsey is a personal trainer at The University of Kansas Health System Sports Medicine and Performance Center. Get in touch with her to start your new year off on the right foot.

Exercise challenge: Heisman jumps and tricep dips

These two moves will keep you on the ball throughout the game.

Dee Jackson: Hey, we're at The University of Kansas Health System Sports Medicine and Performance Center. It's Dee Jackson back at it, getting you ready for the #ChiefsGameDayChallenge. Kelsey joins us once again, and Kelsey what is this week's big challenge?

Kelsey Ngeh: All right. This week we're going to go with Heisman jumps and tricep dips. For the Heisman jump, give yourself this little space, jump side to side. You want to nail that balance. Squeeze the core. Side to side.

Kelsey Ngeh: The second one we're going to do, using your coffee table. Move those chips and dip out of the way. Get some muscles going. The easier version is to keep your knees bent, right where mine are now. You really want to challenge yourself, go ahead and straighten those legs out. Up and down for the dips.

Dee Jackson: And make sure you at home are recording you and all of your friends doing these Heisman runs and these dips.

Exercise challenge: Touchdowns for touchdowns

Score points for health when the Chiefs get into the endzone.

Dee Jackson: Hey, we're at The University of Kansas Health System Sports Medicine and Performance Center. I'm Dee Jackson, back to help you get into shape for our #ChiefsGameDayChallenge. Bringing in Kelsey. Kelsey, what's going to get our heart pumping this week?

Kelsey Ngeh: All right. Today we're going to do touchdowns for touchdowns, so whatever the scoreboard says, that's going to be the number of reps that we do. And then we're also going to do our receiver catches. So, our touchdowns for touchdowns. Right here. If you want to take that to less impact, you can just do it without the jump. Try to keep the chest up. Reaching down to the floor.

Kelsey Ngeh: And our receiver catches, we're going to go into a side lunge. Hands out. Side lunge. Hands out. Catch that ball. Get down into those thighs. Burn off some calories.

Dee Jackson: And we want you to catch the fever and receive all of that. We want to receive your videos. We challenge you to record yourself. You and your friends, doing all of these crazy exercises to get you into shape

Exercise challenge: Planks for timeouts and high knees

Try doing these during timeouts to keep moving during the game.

Dee Jackson: Hey, we're at The University of Kansas Health System Sports Medicine and Performance Center. Dee Jackson, here once again, helping you get into shape for our #ChiefsGameDayChallenge. She's back with us once again, Kelsey what do you have on tap for this week's challenge?

Kelsey Ngeh: All right, this week, we are going to go for planks, for timeouts, and then we're going to go for high knees. So anytime there's a time out, I'm going to have you drop down, plank position. Several different ways to do the plank. The traditional version right here, knees up, body straight, just hold. If you'd like to make that a little bit easier, all you do is you keep those knees down. Bring those knees down. One other version that you can do, if that's hard on the shoulder, you can go for a straight arm plank. Again, from the knees or straight position. Any of those, anytime out. The second one that we're going to do today, high knees. So again, high intensity version, get those knees up there, all the way up. If you want to take that down a little bit, just again, take the impact out. Bring that knee up, keep the chest up, core tight, alternate the 2.

Dee Jackson: And don't forget the most important part of the challenge is you and your friends, record them.

Exercise challenge: The tight end and Kelsey crunches

Tight Ends, better known as the Wall Sit, position you to keep watching the game while getting your own exercise game on.

Dee Jackson: Hey, we're at The University of Kansas Health System Sports Medicine and Performance Center. Hey guys, Dee Jackson here, getting you ready for another #ChiefsGameDayChallenge. And Kelsey joining us once again. Kelsey, I know you got a lot on tap today.

Kelsey Ngeh: All right. Today we've got 2 moves again. We're going to start with the tight end. We're going to come over to a wall. Working on those glutes. You want to drop yourself down as deep as you can go. So the deeper you get, the harder it gets. Your goal is to get to 90 degrees and just hold it there.

Kelsey Ngeh: The second move that we've got are Kelsey Crunches. You're going to then move down to the floor. You're going to hold your knees 90 degrees, hands behind your head, and you're going to crunch your elbows to your knees. Knees don't get to move, the knees stay in the same spot. You're bringing those elbows up, touching the knees.

Dee Jackson: Kelsey, how many of those reps do we want to do while we're sitting there watching the game?

Kelsey Ngeh: I would do about a 30 second wall sit, and I would do about 20 Kelsey Crunches.

Dee Jackson: Well, if you're feeling the crunch, we've got you covered.

Exercise challenge: Butt kickers, floor walkers and shoulder taps

You'll get a quick upper and lower body workout with this challenge. Kelsey shows us how to get those Mahomes arms.

Dee Jackson: Hey, we're at The University of Kansas Health System Sports Medicine and Performance Center. Hey guys, Dee Jackson back here getting you ready for the #ChiefsGameday challenge once again and Kelsey joining us. Kelsey, what type of workouts you have planned for us today?

Kelsey Ngeh: All right, today we've got 2 workouts. We're going to start with the Butker butt kicks. We have 2 ways you can do this. You can go high intensity or low intensity. Low intensity, keep the bounce out, get those heels up. High intensity, go ahead and put that bounce in there. Same thing. Get those heels up, hit that butt. Second one we got for the Mahomes arms. We're going to do floor walks and shoulder taps.

Dee Jackson: And those are just a couple of the ways that you can stay in shape during the Chiefs game and we want to see you get into the action as well.

Exercise challenge: Couch and butterfly stretch

Don't let the game make you tense. Stay loose with these stretches.

Dee Jackson: Hey, we're at the University of Kansas Health System Sports Medicine and Performance Center. Dee Jackson here, once again, getting you ready for the #ChiefsGameDayChallenge. And Kelsey joining me once again. And Kelsey, if you're sitting on the couch, there's no reason just to sit there and not get moving.

Dee Jackson: What do you have planned for us today?

Kelsey Ngeh: That's right. So today we're going to go with exactly that. If you don't want to get moving, we're going to get stretching. So a few stretches that you can do from the couch. One is with the hip to the glute.

You're just going to start, cross one leg over and then you bend yourself forward. Keep going until you feel that stretch, you'll feel it in your back, in your hip just leaning forward. Stretch out those hips.

The second stretch you can do from your couch. Slide all the way out to the edge, straighten one leg and again, just bring yourself forward. Now we're going for a stretch in the back of the leg and the hamstring. Keep that foot flexed all the way down. All the way at the edge, leg straight, and forward.

Those are two simple stretches you can do without leaving your couch. After that, we're going to go ahead and get down onto the floor for a couple more. Down here. Real easy to do the butterfly stretch.

Get that inner thigh, hips through the spot that's tight for a lot of people. Just push those knees down. And then, while you're down here, just sit comfortably. We can go to the arms. Pull those arms across your body. Stretching out the shoulders, going over your head, stretching out triceps and one more behind your back. Lean it forward, and you are now sufficiently stretched out.

Recipe: Buffalo chicken dip

Buffalo Chicken Dip turns down the fat on classic game day flavor.

Eric King: Today we are preparing our low-fat buffalo chicken dip, my name's Eric King I'm the chef director here at The University of Kansas Hospital. This is our chef Brook Thurman. He is the chef manager at Cambridge Tower. We have our low-fat cream cheese, 2 oz. of green onions. We added in a pinch of black pepper kosher salt and red pepper flake. 2 oz. of low-fat ranch dressing.

Eric King: Now we do allow our cream cheese to soften a little bit to make this a little bit easier for you. Now for this recipe we are using a grilled chicken. There's a little bit of salt and pepper. This is to make it a little bit on the healthier side. Now, however, you could also do a chicken tenders. You can do a rotisserie chicken. You could also pick up some chicken wings. Let those cool in the fridge and de-bone those as well, depending on how heavy loaded you like the dip to be.

Eric King: 2 oz. of our buffalo sauce, mixed with the 8 oz. of the chicken and we're going to fold that into the cream cheese. The nice thing about this dip is you can make it the night before, put it in the fridge, wake up the next day, put it right on a plate, and you're good to go. So he's going to fold it up really nice. Form that into a ball. So here we have for our presentation, for our chef's challnge, is our low-fat buffalo chicken dip, complete with vegetables and chips. Ready to go.

Recipe: Skinny spinach artichoke poppers

Skinny spinach and artichoke stuffed jalapeño poppers.

Eric King: Today, for our #ChiefsGameDayChallenge, we are making a low-cal skinny spinach artichoke dip, stuffed into a jalapeno pepper, for a baked jalapeno popper. We have 4 oz. of our low-fat cream cheese, 10 oz. of frozen and thawed spinach, 2 cups plain nonfat Greek yogurt, and ⅓ cup of our diced marinated artichokes, ⅓ cup of a lower-fat crumbled Feta cheese, ¼ cup freshly grated Parmesan cheese, we have 1 tablespoon of our crushed red pepper, 2 tablespoons of lemon juice, 1 tablespoon of minced garlic, and a sprinkle of Kosher salt.

Brook Thurman: Let me get that all mixed up, get it all incorporated nice. Chef, how many portions does this make?

Eric King: This will make roughly 20 whole peppers.

Brook Thurman: 20 whole peppers.

Eric King: We take the peppers, and we use the jalapeno pepper, we also use a sweet bell for those that aren't big fans of the heat. We slice those down, seed those, and then stuff them with the mixture. And once we're finished with these guys right here, you pop them in the oven, 350 degrees, for about 25 minutes, and you'll have your nice finished product right here. And for our #ChiefsGameDayChallenge, we have our skinny spinach artichoke dip stuffed jalapeno poppers. Go Chiefs.

Brook Thurman: Go Chiefs.

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