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Sports medicine performance center in Overland Park.

By providing performance training, nutrition counseling and physical therapy, the sports medicine program at The University of Kansas Health System offers evidence-based programs that enhance performance and reduce the risk of injury. Our programs are designed and overseen by the health system's sports performance advisory board to help athletes improve their performance in a safe, effective manner. The advisory board and our programs are powered by a team of sports medicine physicians, orthopedic surgeons, physical therapists, certified strength and conditioning specialists, athletic trainers and fitness professionals.

Sports conditioning and strength classes are available throughout the day to accommodate work and school schedules. Specialized classes on injury prevention are also offered, including ACL injury reduction and golf fitness and injury prevention.

The facility, located near 125th Street and Antioch Road in Overland Park, Kansas, features a state-of-the-art weight room and indoor and outdoor turf fields. It also offers sports medicine physical therapy provided by professionals from The University of Kansas Health System.



  • Sports performance nutrition consultations are available for athletes interested in learning more about the benefits of proper nutrition. Consultations can be tailored to your individual goals and are conducted by a certified sports nutritionist. Call 913-574-4878 to schedule an appointment.

  • A variety of classes is available for all ages and skill levels. Call 913-239-0646 for more information about our sports performance classes.

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    Class descriptions

    • ACL Injury Reduction Program – This 6-week program is designed to help athletes develop proper skills for reducing their risk of ACL and other sport-related injuries. This program targets youth and high school athletes, and includes a video analysis of jumping and landing patterns, individualized progressive strength training and education on proper warmup prior to training and competition.
    • Arm Care Program – Overhead motions, such as pitching, throwing, serving, spiking and swimming, demand incredible control of the upper extremities. This 6-week program focuses on reducing the risk of shoulder, elbow and other sport-related injuries commonly seen in overhead athletes. Participants will learn and develop the proper skills and techniques to enhance their movements and improve their performance. Athletes who swim or play baseball, softball, volleyball or tennis can benefit from this program.
    • Golf Fitness and Injury Prevention – Whether the athlete's goal is to prolong their career, increase performance or simply play pain-free golf, training programs improve driver distance, clubhead speed, accuracy and reduce the rate of injuries sustained by golfers on all skill levels. The program includes a Titleist Performance Institute screeing, K-Vest 3D motion swing analysis, personalized exercise routine and dynamic warmup routine.
  • We offer both physical therapy and sports performance services.

    Our physical therapists link traditional rehabilitation with the goal of returning to sport, communicating and collaborating with our sports medicine physicians. The spacious center allows our physical therapists to work with patients in an actual athletic environment.

    An injured soccer player can pivot on turf, a golfer can tee up or a quarterback can go long. And all activities are designed, managed and supervised by experts from The University of Kansas Health System, the region's leading academic medical center.


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For more on sports performance classes, call 913-239-0646.

For more on physical therapy services, call 913-574-4878.