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Youth Sports Safety Tips During COVID-19

June 24, 2020

As youth athletes prepare for the upcoming season, it's important to continue practicing COVID-19 safety precautions. Youth sports medicine medical director, David Smith, MD, shares 6 tips that youth athletes should follow both on and off the field.

To help make it easier to remember these tips, Dr. Smith advises you to think of Six/Tips:

    S = Socially distance from others.

    I = Increase handwashing.

    X/T = Don’t touch your face.

    I = Illness? Be aware of symptoms.

    P = Please cough and sneeze into your elbow.

    S = Stay home when ill.

David Smith, MD, provides six tips to play youth sports safely during the COVID-19 pandemic

There's not an absolute yes, no, right, wrong. This is a new world for us.


"S" is we have to social and physical distance. The six feet is very important in practices.

The "I" in that is to increase in frequent use of hand washing and gelling and cleaning equipment in our environment. All very important.

The "X", "T" is keep your hands away from your face. Don't touch. "X", "T", don't touch.

And then on the "I", it's that we need to be really illness awareness, and assess ourselves. Watch for fever, chills, cough, things like that. We want them checking their temperatures before they come to practice.

And then the "P" is "Please, please cough in your elbow and sneeze in your elbow."

And then the "S" of course is stay home. If you're ill, stay home. Report that to someone. Don't be afraid to say something for fear that a coach might not let you into the practice, or you can't make the team because you missed a couple practices.

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Youth soccer players stretching.

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