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Why You Should Still Get a Screening Mammogram During the COVID-19 Pandemic

October 28, 2020

Now more than ever, it is important to continue your regular wellness screenings, which includes mammograms. Director of breast imaging Onalisa Winblad, MD, explains the importance of regular screening mammograms for women and why it is safe to get one, even during the COVID-19 pandemic.

  • If a woman delays getting a screening mammogram, it can also delay early detection of breast cancer. Early detection is key to decreasing deaths from breast cancer. When we find cancer at its earliest stage, it requires less extensive surgeries and treatment. That’s why all women, age 40 and older, should get a screening mammogram every year.

  • Yes. The University of Kansas Health System is dedicated to ensuring that all women feel safe and comfortable when coming into our breast imaging center. We ask everyone to wear a mask. We have also changed the check-in process and the cleaning process of our equipment and waiting areas.

  • We encourage everyone to come into one of our breast imaging centers immediately if they find a lump or notice changes in their breasts. It’s important to get a diagnosis early. Once breast cancer gets larger or spreads to the lymph nodes, it increases the likelihood of mortality. That’s why you should not delay getting your annual screening mammogram.

  • Yes. Having a baseline mammogram is important. When someone receives their first mammogram, it is common for them to return for more imaging because we don’t have any previous images for comparison. Having a prior exam is important to a radiologist because it allows them to identify any changes in the breasts.

  • We have 3 breast imaging centers where women can go to receive their mammogram. We offer 3D mammograms to all of our patients. It’s our standard of care at The University of Kansas Health System. 3D mammograms help us find more breast cancers and prevent women from coming back for additional imaging. We cover 3D mammograms for women in Kansas and Missouri, even if their health insurance does not cover it.

Schedule your screening 3D mammogram today. If you need scheduling assistance, call 913-588-6804.

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