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I Donated to Help Fight Cancer Because of My Care at KU

Ruth Shechter


Ruth Shechter still remembers the many emotions – fear, anxiety, anger, hope – she went through in 2003 after she was diagnosed with lymphoma, a form of cancer in which tumors attack lymph nodes.

“Whenever you’re faced with any diagnosis of a potentially fatal illness, you want to know the pros and cons, ups and downs, ins and outs,” said the Fairway, Kan., resident.

Shechter, 85, found reassurance in the approach an oncologist at The University of Kansas Health System. He was recommended by her internist.

“His explanations were very clear,”Shechter explained. “I knew where I was at any given time during the treatment. I knew the problems and risks and what the future may or may not hold.”

This was the first bequest we made because of our experience here. – Nathan and Ruth Shechter

The treatment they pursued was the “least devastating,” allowing Ruth to maintain her daily activities. And happily, her cancer has been in remission for more than a year. However, the experience gave Ruth and her husband of 64 years, Nathan, newfound appreciation for cancer research.

So when the couple pondered where to direct the proceeds of the charitable remainder trust they had set up with the Greater Kansas City Community Foundation several years ago, they knew that The University of Kansas Cancer Center's research effort was a cause worthy of their gift.

The Shechters, who have four children, five grandchildren and five great-grandchildren, have lost loved ones to cancer on both sides of their family. This family history prompted Ruth and Nathan to think about the legacy they would leave for their heirs. They raised their family to value philanthropy, the couple said.

“Our philosophy is to give wherever you can to causes that are important to you, regardless of your financial status,” said Nathan.

Ruth added: “KU was the first bequest we made because of our experience here.”

A charitable remainder trust (CRT) is a gift plan that provides income to the beneficiaries for their lifetimes or for a fixed term. When the trust term ends, the remainder in the trust passes to the charity.

The Shechters have designated that the remainder of their CRT be used to establish the Shechter Family Professorship in Cancer Research Fund at KU Endowment. The income from the fund will support cancer research conducted by the faculty and staff of the Kansas Masonic Cancer Research Institute. Preference will be given to a faculty member conducting research on lymphoma or hematologic malignancies.

“We hope that our gift helps to find a cause and a cure,” Ruth said.

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