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Patient Grateful for Plastic Surgery After Traumatic Injury

April 05, 2019

When people think of plastic surgery, cosmetic enhancements and elective procedures may come to mind.

For Elizabeth Usovicz, this was not the case.

Elizabeth took a nasty fall in her home that caused a traumatic injury to her face. She was rushed to the emergency room at The University of Kansas Hospital for her initial treatment. The physicians there referred her to plastic surgery due to the severity and nature of her injuries. Elizabeth's surgical team included plastic surgeon Satish Ponnuru, MD.

"The surgery I needed was intricate, and my doctors did a phenomenal job," says Elizabeth.

"Postsurgery, the plastic surgeons addressed all my concerns," says Elizabeth. "I felt well informed about the expected outcomes of my recovery, and my mind was put at ease.

I also had noninvasive laser treatment as part of my recovery. These made a significant difference in my appearance!"

Elizabeth recalls her experience as "some of the best care I've ever received."

"After my accident, I thought I would never look normal again," says Elizabeth. "Thanks to the patience and skill of this group, I look and feel like myself again."

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