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Patient, 100, Enjoys Telehealth Visit

April 09, 2020

A 100-year-old patient at The University of Kansas Health System successfully participated in her first telehealth visit. Her 99-year-old husband provided the technical assistance.

"It was just amazing and so touching," says the endocrinologist who held the telehealth visit. When they made the Zoom connection, he adds, "I told her, 'You must have set some sort of record.'"

The 20-minute online visit worked well. The doctor and the patient, who lives in the Kansas City area, reviewed her labs and discussed her overall health, her osteoporosis and how she is tolerating a new medication.

She enjoyed recounting her recent birthday festivities. Her neighbors sang and wished her a happy birthday from a physically safe distance in her front yard, she told her doctor.

For the doctor, the telehealth visit is an indication virtual medicine's day has arrived in full force.

The online connection not only means an elderly woman and her husband didn't have to get behind the wheel for a routine clinic visit, but also hints at many more opportunities for health system providers.

"We have to meet people where they are," says the doctor. "To be honest, once we get through this pandemic, telehealth is where we really can succeed and show our reach and value. It will get easier and better. There's such a huge need, especially in rural Kansas."

Patient testimonial: As with all treatments, individual patient results vary. It is important to discuss your treatment options with your healthcare provider.

To learn whether a telehealth visit may be right for you, call your doctor's office or 913-588-1227.

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