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10 Transformative Actions to Reimagine Healthcare

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"Proud But Never Satisfied" shares the 10 transformative actions that Bob Page and Tammy Peterman implemented to revolutionize The University of Kansas Health System. Coupled with their leadership lessons, these transformative actions reinvented their culture and engaged their people. The strategies "Proud But Never Satisfied" promotes can work for readers’ organizations too.

10 transformative actions for success

  • Admit it.
  • Believe it.
  • Culture it.
  • Magnetize it.
  • Question it.
  • Improve it.
  • Integrate it.
  • Advance it.
  • Celebrate it.
  • Sustain it.

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About the authors

Bob Page Leadership

Bob Page

Bob Page has spent 24 years in executive leadership roles within The University of Kansas Hospital/Health System, part of a nationally recognized comprehensive academic medical center located in America’s heartland. In July 2007, he was selected by The University of Kansas Hospital Authority Board to be president and CEO, a role that has grown as the organization became clinically integrated and expanded its commitment to patient care across the state.

Tammy Peterman Leadership

Tammy Peterman

Tammy Peterman began her career as a bedside nurse at The University of Kansas Hospital after graduating from the University of Kansas School of Nursing. Since that time, she has served in a wide variety of nursing and hospital leadership roles. In 2001, she was appointed chief nursing officer for The University of Kansas Hospital. In 2007, Tammy added the titles of executive vice president and chief operating officer of the hospital. On July 1, 2018, Peterman became the executive vice president, chief operating officer, and chief nursing officer for the health system and president of the Kansas City Division.

Leanne Seaver

Leeanne Seaver

Leeanne Seaver is a cross-genre writer, editor and blogger who’s written/ghostwritten numerous books and magazine articles on healthcare and wellness. A member of the Authors Guild, Seaver’s work ranges from business to biography, training to travel. She’s been featured in Mother Earth News, Redbook, Reader’s Digest, Living Wellness Kansas City and is a contributor to the Medical News Network. After a career in broadcasting and nonprofit executive leadership, Seaver now writes full-time. She holds a master’s in mass communication from the University of Denver, a bachelor’s in English from Graceland University, and has attended the Iowa Writers’ Workshop.

What others are saying about "Proud But Never Satisfied"

Tammy Peterman explains the 5-Star Formula

Quint Studer: When I read your book, one of the things I just love is the formula. And you talk a lot about your 5-star guiding formula. Because I think anybody can make something complex, but people that really understand something take complexity and make it into more simple, doable steps. Can you talk a little bit, Tammy, about the 5-star guiding formula?

Tammy Peterman: Sure. I think we can even put a slide up so people can see that. Because it is pretty simple, Quint. And I actually think that many people look at this and go, yeah, that's what we're doing. I'll tell you, we put this together as a slide, and we've shared this. We've shared this with our hospital staff. We shared it with our medical staff. We shared it with our board.

Everyone knows this is truly our guiding formula. It's what we've talked about already, which is it's a focus on the patient. It's a focus on the patient from a service perspective and a quality perspective, making sure that we always have the right people. I tell every hiring manager, hire the very best people, hire people who are great, hire people who will be successful, but always make sure that they understand and they know what our culture is.

So I think if you have all of those, the last 2 metrics will follow, the growth and sustainability. Here's what I know today, is that the most important metric I mentioned this before, is the third one. It's about people. And if you have the first 3, and especially the right people, you can do anything. We've actually proven it at our place.