Polycystic Kidney Disease

Diagnosis, treatment and comprehensive care

The specialists on the Polycystic Kidney Disease, or PKD team, at The University of Kansas Health System are caring and knowledgeable experts invested in the proper diagnosis and continued care of people living with PKD. Our clinicians work closely with patients to accurately diagnose, correctly stage and actively monitor the progression of PKD. Our team provides a full spectrum of excellent care that includes further consultation and the opportunity to participate in clinical trials as they become available.
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   Nephrology office at 913-588-6074.

Diagnostic imaging improves accuracy

The best care begins with an accurate diagnosis. Our specialists have access to the latest in diagnostic imaging technology that clarifies the unique situation of every patient – and leads to more effective lifestyle management suggestions and skillful medical intervention.

Research and discovery

Our team is made of both clinicians who work directly with patients to manage their PKD diagnoses and researchers whose sole focus is to explore targets for PKD treatment. This strong foundation of expertise and leadership centered on the progression and treatment of PKD from all angles ensures patients in our care benefit from the latest advancements in treating the disease.

The future of PKD research and treatment

Progress in PKD research continues to advance. Although potential treatments are currently limited mainly to lifestyle management and limiting other risk factors that could harm the kidneys, our team is optimistic that effective and safe treatment options are on the horizon.

Living well with kidney disease

Diagnosed with polycystic kidney disease, Jennifer Branch sought the region’s best resources for lifesaving care. She found The University of Kansas Health System, where dedicated caregivers and researchers focus on PKD diagnosis, education and treatment. “People can live a long, healthy life with kidney disease,” Jennifer said. “My team is caring, knowledgeable and invested. I feel wonderful.”

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