Fertility Preservation

We offer complete retrieval, cryopreservation and banking of reproductive eggs, embryos, ovarian tissue, sperm and testicular tissue for fertility preservation.  

Egg freezing

In egg freezing, eggs are retrieved and cryopreserved for transfer to the uterus at a later time.

Embryo freezing

With embryo freezing, fertilized eggs are cryopreserved and banked for postponed implantation.

Never lose hope

Ashley Flynn and family Ashley and Shawn Flynn's journey to parenthood began with fertility preservation. Prior to Ashley undergoing treatment for advanced colorectal cancer, she launched into learning about in vitro fertilization (IVF), the procedures ahead and possibilities of parenthood.

With care provided by Courtney Marsh, MD, MPH, the advanced reproductive medicine team and interventional radiologist Thomas Fahrbach, MD, Ashley and Shawn are now proud parents of Samuel Robert. 

Read Ashley's story of success with IVF.

Ovarian tissue freezing

The outer layer of an ovary contains a large number of immature eggs. With ovarian tissue freezing, a part of an ovary or a whole ovary is surgically removed and cryopreserved.

Ovarian transposition

Oophoropexy is the surgical procedure repositioning the ovary out of the radiation field. Irradiation of the as pelvic area can result in the loss of ovarian function if the dose of radiation delivered to the ovaries is more than 300 cGy.

Oophoropexy can be done at the time of the laparotomy (open surgery) or by laparoscopy. Although the chance of maintaining ovarian function is higher with oophoropexy before radiotherapy, this procedure is not always reliable and can be complicated by ovarian cyst formation and injury to the vasculature.

Furthermore, its value is limited to young cancer patients who are treated with radiation only.

Sperm banking

Our male fertility preservation services include sperm banking and cryopreservation of testicular tissue. With sperm banking, a male patient's semen sample will be frozen and stored. At a later date, the sample can be used for artificial insemination or in vitro fertilization.
  • Before treatments that might cause the loss of sperm production, such as chemotherapy, radiation or hormone therapy
  • Prior to military deployment to allow for continued partner treatment
  • Prior to vasectomy
If the patient and physician choose to store testicular tissue, the sample will also be frozen and stored. When the time comes, the patient's sperm will be extracted directly from the testicular tissue sample and intracytoplasmic sperm injection, or “ICSI," can be performed with a female oocyte (egg).

For more information, reference our andrology lab requisition form.

Livestrong Fertility

For patients with a cancer diagnosis, LIVESTRONG Fertility provides resources and financial support to those whose cancer and its treatment present risks to their fertility. To learn more and apply for this program, visit the LIVESTRONG Fertility website. You can also download the women's application or men's application.