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Fertility Preservation

Fertility preservation is a way to save eggs, sperm or reproductive tissue so that you can have biological children in the future. Fertility preservation can be helpful for men and women who want to be able to conceive.

The University of Kansas Health System offers advanced fertility preservation services for people in Kansas City, Overland Park and throughout the state and region. As an academic medical center, we provide the most up-to-date fertility preservation options to give you the best outcome.

About fertility preservation

Both men and women can have fertility preservation. Fertility preservation can be used in adults, adolescents and pediatric patients for medical or social reasons. Some of the reasons people have fertility preservation include:

  • Wanting to delay having children
  • Wanting to have children after cancer treatment
  • Having certain diseases or disorders that affect fertility
  • Having a genetic disease that affects fertility
Patient Ashley Flynn

Fertility preservation makes parenthood possible

Before going through chemotherapy and radiation to treat colon cancer, 24-year-old Ashley Flynn met with advanced reproductive medicine specialists to preserve her fertility. Now, she and her husband are proud parents.

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Your fertility preservation options

We offer complete retrieval, cryopreservation and banking of reproductive eggs, embryos, ovarian tissue, sperm and testicular tissue for fertility preservation.

  • Egg freezing: Eggs are retrieved and cryopreserved for transfer later.
  • Embryo freezing: Fertilized eggs are cryopreserved and banked for postponed implantation.
  • Ovarian tissue freezing and transplantation: An ovary (or part of an ovary) is surgically removed and cryopreserved.
  • Medical treatments for fertility preservation: We use the most up-to-date reproductive technology for fertility preservation.

Our comprehensive laboratory performs all aspects of andrology and embryology services.

Fertility preservation for men

Our male fertility preservation services include sperm banking and cryopreservation of testicular tissue.

  • Sperm banking: A semen sample will be frozen and stored. At a later date, the sample can be used for artificial insemination or in vitro fertilization. This may be an option:
    • Before treatments that might cause the loss of sperm production, such as chemotherapy, radiation or hormone therapy
    • Prior to military deployment to allow for continued partner treatment
    • Prior to vasectomy
  • Testicular tissue cryopreservation: A sample of testicular tissue is frozen and stored. When the time comes, sperm will be extracted directly from the testicular tissue sample and intracytoplasmic sperm injection (ICSI) can be performed with a female's egg.

Fertility preservation and cancer treatment

Many people who have fertility preservation are going through cancer treatment. Certain cancer treatments can cause temporary or permanent infertility.

Our experts in advanced reproductive medicine work with men, women, adolescents and children who are concerned about preserving their fertility throughout cancer treatment. Regardless of where you receive cancer treatment, we can help you take steps to preserve your fertility before receiving chemotherapy, radiation or surgery.

Ovarian transposition

The University of Kansas Health System in Kansas City offers ovarian transposition for women having cancer treatment who want to preserve their fertility. This surgical procedure helps you avoid radiation that could negatively affect your fertility by moving the ovaries away from the radiation field. Ovarian transposition is often best for young cancer patients who are treated with radiation only, and can be performed alone or in combination with another surgical procedure.


For patients with a cancer diagnosis, LIVESTRONG Fertility provides resources and financial support to those whose cancer and its treatment present risks to their fertility.

Why choose us

  • We are the only facility in the region that offers tissue freezing (ovaries and testicles) and serves children and adolescents who may be going through cancer treatment.
  • We are the only regional center with membership in the Oncofertility Consortium – a national initiative to explore the reproductive future of cancer survivors.
  • We offer same-day/next-day appointments for cancer patients. We also perform a baseline fertility examination pre- and post-treatment to evaluate your current fertility and anticipated fertility following treatment.
  • We provide streamlined care that is personalized to your needs. We work together with other physicians, specialists and members of your care team throughout the process, collaborating with them regularly.