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Preparing for your visit

Optimal breast health comes from having regular screenings. Mammograms and clinical breast exams, along with breast self-exams, are essential for early detection. Schedule your exam online or by calling 913-588-1227. Walk-in appointments are available for mammograms.

Make the most of your screening mammogram

  • Are you scheduling a screening or diagnostic mammogram? 
    • A screening mammogram means there are currently no areas of concern. An appointment for a screening mammogram may be made online here
    • A diagnostic mammogram is scheduled by you or your physician to address a specific concern. Before scheduling a diagnostic mammogram, your physician should fax us an order at 913-588-7872.

  • Should you choose a 2D or 3D mammogram? You will need to make the decision to schedule your online appointment.  

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WHat to expect when visiting The University of Kansas Health System for your breast examWhat to expect

  • If you have previous mammogram images, and they were taken at another facility, bring them with you or send them to us beforehand. This allows us to compare your current mammogram to your previous images so our radiologists can detect subtle changes in the breast tissue and ensure accurate interpretation. For details on transferring mammograms to us, call 844-323-1227.

  • Bathe or shower before your mammogram to remove any deodorant particles that could show up on your mammogram. Don't reapply deodorant before your mammogram.

  • After entering Breast Imaging, check in with our receptionist and relax while we prepare your records and the imaging room.

  • After registering, the mammographer will lead you into the imaging room to begin your mammogram. Mammograms take less than 10 minutes. Let your mammographer know if you have felt anything abnormal through self-exams.

  • The mammographer will verify the quality of the images taken.

  • You will be escorted back to the changing suite to get dressed and depart. We will send you your mammogram results within two to five days.

  • If you are having a diagnostic mammogram or ultrasound, you will receive your results before you leave.

  • If a breast biopsy is indicated, we will attempt to schedule further testing before you leave our office. We will send biopsy results to your primary care physician within three business days.

  • For a 3D mammogram, we compress your breast while an X-ray arm makes a quick arc over it, taking a series of images from different angles. This takes about the same time as a traditional mammogram. The images are sent electronically to the radiologist, who studies them and reports the results to your physician.

  • Whole breast screening ultrasound may be indicated if you have dense breast tissue. For this screening, you are in a reclining position during the procedure. Lotion is applied to your breast. The scanner, about the size of an 8x10 picture frame, is positioned firmly against your breast. The scanning process lasts less than 60 seconds. The entire exam takes less than 30 minutes.