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Abbreviated MRI

We are the first in the region to offer a low-cost breast MRI examination developed specifically to screen women who have dense breasts, a higher risk of breast cancer or who require an additional screening beyond an annual mammogram. This exam is designed to supplement, not replace, an annual mammogram.

Breast MRI is the most accurate imaging test, but often is not covered by insurance, especially high-deductible plans. With a charge of $500, the abbreviated MRI makes this detailed examination accessible to more women.

To schedule an appointment, an order from a physician is needed. Payment is collected at registration. Patients also must have had a mammogram within the past 12 months.

Woman in MRIThe new service is offered the first and third Monday mornings of each month at The Women's Cancer Center in Overland Park, Kansas. We are the only facility in the region offering this exam.

The benefit of a supplemental screening

Abbreviated breast MRI is an advanced, highly sensitive screening exam that detects cancer at a very early stage. During the examination, the technologist will use an IV to inject a small amount of contrasting agent, or dye. This enhances the ability to visualize possible cancers.

The abbreviated MRI is not designed for patients with symptoms or a diagnosis of breast cancer. It does not replace breast self-exam or an annual mammogram.

Talk to your physician about whether an abbreviated MRI would be beneficial for you. For information, call 913-588-6804.